Green Fish Cat Toy

Green Fish Cat Toy


By Nyagomidokoro

Green Fish Cat Toy with Silvervine.
In Japan, we use silvervine more than catnip for cat toys.
Silvervine is called *MATATABI* in japanese.
Cats LOVE playing with Matatabi(Japanese Silvervine) !

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Matatabi, Polyfill, Cotton, Japanese Silvervine
  • Made in Japan
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CAUTION: This cat toy for adult cat only. If your cat has an ALLERGIC reaction to silvervine, stop using immediately . Let your cat play with this toy under your supervision to prevent any accident.

NOTE: Some cats do not respond to Silvervine. The smell of silvervine will gradually fade away after the use. If your cat is a biter, the toy might get worn out quicker. Your cat might show strong responses to the silvervine such as kicking and chewing excessively in the first few minutes; however, he/she will calm down within 10 minutes or so.