Camellia Cat Toy

Camellia Cat Toy


By Nyagomidokoro

In Japan, we usually have toys with silvervine instead of catnip because cats react to silvervine much better. 
Would you like to try my Silvervine Cat Kicker Toys!?

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Cotton Fablic, Japanese Silvervine, Polyfill
  • Made in Japan
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CAUTION: This cat toy for adult cat only. If your cat has an ALLERGIC reaction to silvervine, stop using immediately . Let your cat play with this toy under your supervision to prevent any accident.

NOTE: Some cats do not respond to Silvervine. The smell of silvervine will gradually fade away after the use. If your cat is a biter, the toy might get worn out quicker. Your cat might show strong responses to the silvervine such as kicking and chewing excessively in the first few minutes; however, he/she will calm down within 10 minutes or so.